Tramontina Chafing Dish 3.9L

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Tramontina Chafing Dish 3.9L

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Entertain with style and ease with Tramontina’s 3.9 litre Stainless Steel Chafing Dish. Keep your dishes warm or cool and appetising during parties and gatherings. The stainless steel food pan can be used to pre-heat food in the oven before placing in the chafing dish to serve appetisers, side and main dishes. It can also be used to serve cold food. Whether you’re hosting a party or contributing to an office potluck, this versatile piece will keep your signature recipes ready to be enjoyed.

Set includes: a tempered glass lid, 3.9 litre food pan, 5.6 litre water pan, chafing stand and fuel canister tray.



Brand Tramontina
Manufactured In PRC
Colour Silver
Product Dimensions Product: W 329 x H 495 x D 302 mm
With Packaging: D 329 x W 495 x H 302 mm
Product Weight Product: 5.97 kg
With Packaging: 4.57 kg
Material Stainless Steel
Model Number 80205/548




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