mophie Powerstation Go Rugged Flashlight With Car Jump Starter

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mophie Powerstation Go Rugged Flashlight With Car Jump Starter

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mophie Powerstation Go Rugged Flashlight With Car Jump Starter

Powerful and bright, mophie’s all-new Powerstation Go Rugged Flashlight can light the way and power up your smartphone. The USB-A port allows you to easily charge your smartphone or tablet. The mophie Powerstation Go Flashlight includes a bright work light that’s ideal for changing a tire in the dark or just searching your trunk. Plus, this portable battery can even jump start your car with it powerful 900 Peak Amp output. Whether you’re stuck with a dead phone battery or a dead car battery, the mophie Powerstation Flashlight lets you stay powerful in just about any situation.

This product features:

  • Extra bright 450 lumen LED Flashlight
  • Built in work light includes an SOS Feature
  • 9,900mAh portable battery
  • 1 x USB 5V/2.4A to charge personal devices
  • Tough rugged exterior
  • Convenient carrying pouch with instructions
  • Universal wall adapters
  • 10AWG jumper cables included
  • 2 year stand by time
  • Jump start output 12V/400Amps
  • Jump start peak output 12V/900Amps
  • Charging time less than 6 hours
  • Compact design, fits in glove box


Operating temperature (during charging): 0°C – 45°C
Operating temperature (discharge): -10°C – 50°C
Storage temperature range: -20°C – 70°C



Brand mophie
Manufactured In USA
Colour Black
Product Dimensions Product: W 265 x H 75 x D 60 mm
With Packaging: D 109 x W 112 x H 299 mm
Product Weight Product: 0.52 kg
With Packaging: 1.61 kg
Material Polycarbonate, ABS
Accessories Included Powerstation Go Rugged Flashlight, 10AWG Jumper Cables, Universal AC Wall Charging Apdater, Carrying Pouch,-Type C Cable, Quick-start Guide
Compatible with Optimised for up to 7.0 Litre Gas, 4.5 Litre Diesel engines
Capacity 36.63Wh/9,900-mAh-@ 3.7V (900 Peak Amps)



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