mbeat 11-in-1 Multi-Port USB-C Docking Station

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mbeat 11-in-1 Multi-Port USB-C Docking Station

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This 11-in-1 USB-C docking station has a triple video output and premium aluminium finish, transforming your USB-C laptop into a powerful working station. It sits perfectly under your laptop, improving your working posture and reducing typing fatigue. The elevated room also helps heat dissipation. High specifications will drive your productivity with lightning-fast pass-through charging and network transfer speeds.

Featuring HDMI®, Display PortTM and VGA port for universal video connectivity, you can extend or duplicate your USB-C laptop to external HD displays, making it ideal for multiple screens or presentations. It also has additional USB 3.0 ports and SD/MicroSD card slots to connect your keyboard, mouse or HDD and memory cards with simple plug and play.


Triple output


Premium aluminium


Ergonomic stand


Charging, network



Brand mbeat
Manufactured In PRC
Colour Space Grey
Product Dimensions W 260 x H 22 x D 90cm
Packaged: D 152 x W 297 x H 28.6cm
Product Weight 0.0445kg
Packaged: 0.05kg
Material Aluminium
Compatible with USB-C laptops and computers
Model Number MB-DOCK-D11




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