Kirkland Signature Flushable Wipes 2 x 640 Count

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Kirkland Signature Flushable Wipes 2 x 640 Count

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Kirkland Signature Flushable Wipes 2 x 640 Count

Kirkland Signature Flushable Wipes clean and refresh better than dry toilet paper alone. Ultra soft, thick and gentle on skin, these wipes are fragrance free, hypoallergenic, alcohol free and contain aloe and vitamin E.

They’re made from 100% plant based materials, are free of chemical binders and also safe for well maintained sewers and septics. These wipes pass extensive testing for flush ability and when flushed one wipe at a time, pass through a home’s well maintained toilet and drain lines without clogging. Never flush more than one wipe at a time. Not recommended for use in motor homes or with basement pump systems.

This product features:

  • Made with Forest Stewardship Council fibres
  • Made with water and plant based ingredients
  • Fragrance free
  • 10 packs of 64 wipes with flip top lids



Brand Kirkland Signature
Manufactured In USA
Product Dimensions Product: W 233 x H 270 x D 167 mm
Product Weight Product: 3.5 kg
Size 10 x 64 Wipes
Model Number A2049S640-FSC



Kirkland Signature

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