Gutter Whiskers 6 Pack

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Gutter Whiskers 6 Pack

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Gutter Whiskers is proven for all seasons. Stops debris like leaves, branches and deters birds from blocking up gutters. The bristles allow the water to flow through the gutters and the leaves will flow over the top. Easy to remove and be hosed off annually. Gutter Whiskers has been New Zealands foremost product for the protection of your Gutters over the last 25 years. Gutter Whiskers is easy to install and will fit a majority of gutters.



Brand Gutter Whiskers
Manufactured In New Zealand
Colour Black
Product Dimensions Product: L 1000 x D 10.5 cm (6 x 1 Metre Pack)
With Packaging: D 180 x W 240 x H 1060 mm
Product Weight With Packaging: 1.7 kg
Material Galvanised Wire
Model Number AX434



Gutter Whiskers

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