Greenlife Slimline Garden Bed 120 x 45 x 45cm

$100.99 Inc GST

Greenlife Slimline Garden Bed 120 x 45 x 45cm

Greenlife Slimline Raised Garden Bed is a Galvanised steel and powdercoated garden planter with a narrow profile. The Slimline Raised Garden Bed allows urban gardeners of all experience levels to grow their own plants, herbs, vegetables and flowers in areas where traditional garden beds or planters won’t fit due to a lack of space. The 450mm Raised Garden Bed depth provides adequate space for deep rooted plants and vegetables to provide strong growing conditions.

Features of this product include:

  • Slim design for smaller back yards and for the side of the house
  • Galvanised steel with powdercoat finish
  • Ideal for growing vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants
  • Charcoal, Slate Grey, Eucalypt Green and Vintage White colour options



Brand Greenlife
Product Dimensions Garden Bed: 120 x 45 x 45 cm
With packaging: 108 x 47 x 6 cm
Product Weight 6.6 kg
Material Metal
Capacity Garden Bed: 243 Litre

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