Furi Pro Knife Block 7 Piece Set

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Furi Pro Knife Block 7 Piece Set

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Furi Pro Knife Block 7 Piece Set

Furi knives constructed from Japanese stainless steel, offer unrelenting sharpness and stay sharp for longer. Furi Pro knives are cut differently and are seamless from the tip to the heel, making the knives easier to clean and maintain. The reverse wedge, anti-fatigue handle is engineered to sit more naturally and comfortably in the hand and give more control over every slice. The result is a knife that feels sturdy without being heavy and that offers precision and manoeuvrability for consistent results. If a knife feels right in your hand, it is right for your hand.

This product features:

  • Santoku Knife 17cm
  • Cook’s Knife 20cm
  • Carving Knife 20cm
  • Bread Knife 20cm
  • Utility Knife 15cm
  • Asian Utility Knife 12cm
  • Duo angled knife block



Brand Furi
Manufactured In PRC
Product Dimensions Product: D 258 x W 168 x H 250 mm
With Packaging: D 260 x W 170 x H 385 mm
Product Weight Product: 4.76 kg
With Packaging: 4.77 kg
Material Oak Wood
Stainless Steel
Model Number 41475




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