EMEET OfficeCore Speakerphone Black M3

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EMEET OfficeCore Speakerphone Black M3

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EMEET OfficeCore Speakerphone Black M3

Meet the EMEET OfficeCore M3, a Zoom-certified speakerphone with a remarkable 20-hour playtime. It features 360 degree voice pickup, VoiceIA 4.2 for noise cancellation, and full-duplex technology for smooth conversations. The 5 watt Hi-Fi speaker seamlessly switches between conference and music modes. With various daisy chain options, including the Meeting Capsule, M3 offers versatile coverage. Plug-and-play via USB, multi-point Bluetooth, or USB Bluetooth adapter, it’s your pocket-sized meeting room. Elevate your audio experience with M3’s durability, portability, and intelligent conferencing solutions.

This product feature:

  • 4 omni-directional mics, 360 degree by 5 metre voice pickup and voice positioning
  • VoiceIA is a voice enhancement, noise cancellation, full duplex
  • 5200mAh battery capacity gives up to 20 hour play time
  • 5 Watt Hi-Fi speaker allows to auto switch between conference mode and music mode
  • Various Daisy Chain options (Meeting Capsule/M3/M0 Plus/Luna Plus)
  • Plug-and-play USB, multi-point Bluetooth, USB Bluetooth adapter connection
  • Zoom certified, 2022 Red Dot Award, 2023 IF Design Award, European Good Design Award


8 Omni Directional


Noise Cancellation


USB And Bluetooth


5 Watt Hi-Fi Speaker



Manufactured In PRC
Colour Black
Product Dimensions Product: W 135 x H 135 x D 35 mm
With Packaging: D 172 x W 165 x H 60 mm
Product Weight Product: 0.39 kg
With Packaging: 0.629 kg
Accessories Included EMEET OfficeCore M3
User Manual
USB-C Cable
USB Dongle A300
Safety Guide
Carrying Bag
Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 Mac OS 10.10 Or Later Android V5.0 Later Linux iOS
Model Number M3




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