SmartTrike 6 In 1 Foldable Trike STR3

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SmartTrike 6 In 1 Foldable Trike STR3

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SmartTrike 6 In 1 Foldable Trike STR3

The STR3 6 in 1 Trike is a fully folding trike with stroller certification. This trike folds up compactly, making it the ideal travel choice for all families. Designed to grow with your baby from 10 to 36 months.

One Touch Steering patent technology gives the parent effortless manoeuvring control over the trike without any effort in steering. Lightly touch the parent handle and the trike intuitively steers in the right direction. The STR3 features a reclining seat so baby can sit upright and nap comfortably on the go.

It has a full padded seat cover for optimal comfort that can be removed and washed when needed.

Packed with safety features ensures a worry and stress free ride for all. Featuring a parent controlled brake system, adjustable 5 point harness and safety bar to keep baby securely buckled in. Super convenient for parents and fun for babies. This 6 in 1 trike has 6 stages so the trike grows with your baby from a baby push trike to an independent toddler tricycle, helping them to develop motor skills, confidence and balance along the way to riding independence.

Babies can learn how to steer and pedal while the parent is in control. Once old enough, you and your baby can enjoy the trike dual control function. The control button on the front wheel mudguard allows parents to easily switch control over to baby and back again when they are tired or getting frustrated. Guaranteed additional comfort with patented shock absorbers and cool looking, durable, puncture free EVA wheels so you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride.

Stage 1: Folds compactly. Store conveniently or wheel around with the extendable parent handle for easy transportation.

Stage 2 (10M+): Reclines. Baby enjoys a comfortable ride with a cozy padded seat cover and reclining seat, making naptime on the go convenient for everyone.

Stage 3 (10M+): Comfort and fun. Baby enjoys a secure and comfortable ride seated upright, with extendable canopy, 5 point harness, safety bar and feet resting on the foldable toddler footrest.

Stage 4 (18M+): Develops valuable skills. Remove the canopy and watch baby build balance, curiosity and confidence, while enjoying a fun ride and wide eyed view.

Stage 5 (24M+): Teaches pedaling. Close the footrest, remove the safety bar, attach the pedals and use the Control Button to switch between parent and child control. Build motor skills while learning to ride.

Stage 6 (30-36M+): Supports independence. Remove the high back support and close the parent handle. Little adventurers can explore the outdoors on a fully independent toddler tricycle. 

This product is has a maximum load capacity of 17 kg and is recommended for a 10 to 36 month old child.



Brand SmartTrike
Manufactured In PRC
Material Steel
Recommended Age 10 – 36 Months
Capacity 17 kg
Model Number 5021533




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